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This biography celebrates the secret life and glittering career of one of British cinema's finest and most recognisable screen personalities. With his unforgettable presence and his trademark bulk, whiskers, and fierce bark, James Robertson Justice made a treasure chest of classic British movies.


He is best remembered as the bombastic Sir Lancelot Spratt in Doctor in the House (1954), with his on-screen temper tantrums often resembling those of a gigantic, irate toddler. This book unravels for the first time, through detailed research and original interviews with those close to him, the myriad complexities of one of Britain s finest actors.


From Dirk Bogarde, through Stanley Baxter and Dick Van Dyke, JRJ was the towering authority figure par excellence, releasing a hilarious barrage of vitriolic slap downs and insults. James Robertson Justice was a "brilliant raconteur, indifferent to money" - part Walter Mitty, part Sir John Falstaff. There is no actor we can think of with a life story that screams so loudly for a biography. This is the definitive story of one of Britain's greatest actors.


Published by Tomahawk Press - 2008


"....whether you are a film buff or just have a vague recollection of the man, this book is a thoroughly entertaining read" - The Spectator


"......this is a book you must read. Tomahawk Press are to be applauded for bringing this excellent tome to add to our library of movie books. Superbly researched, handsomely illustrated. I cannot highly recommend this enough." -- Cinema Retro, March 2008.





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